What Sets Me Apart From Other Salons

High Quality 100% Gel Nails

My gel manicures are much different than what you have experienced in other salons. I use only 100% Akzentz gel products which means no overpowering toxic smells when you walk into the salon. Most places use Shallac or other hybrid polishes which are made by combining nail lacquer (regular nail polish) with gel. Even though these hybrid polishes are sturdier and last longer than regular polish, the nail lacquer will still cause the product to break down more quickly than 100% gel products will.

In addition to using 100% gel color, I apply a hard gel base under the color to give the nail added strength. The hard gel also has better and longer lasting adhesion to the natural nail verses gel polish alone. The result is a beautiful long lasting manicure!

Product Options

The success of the product is dependent of a couple things; proper prep, application technique and body chemistry. I take care of the first two but unfortunately I don’t have control over people’s body chemistry. However, Akzentz has a number of different hard gel bases and if one isn’t holding up well with your body chemistry, I am able to change it up. My goal is to have the longest lasting nails and will continue to work with you to find the best hard gel and/or primer combination in order to do so.

Proper Prep and Cuticle Work

In order to ensure a long lasting manicure, proper prep must be done to the nail and cuticle before applying the hard gel base and color. A majority of the appointment is actually spent on the prep and cuticle work. Most other salons will use a sanding band and an electric file to prep the nail surface, however this is more damaging to the nail plate than is necessary. Instead I prep the nail with a hand file and use cuticle bits to create the perfect canvas for the product. You will also notice the difference just by looking at the nail. I invite you to take a look at my work on Instagram where you will see the difference particularly in regards to cuticle work.

Cleaning Process of Tools and Implements

Cleaning and properly disinfecting nail implements should be a salons number one concern. Microorganisms are everywhere and can be very dangerous when it comes to manicure utensils. Even if it’s not visible to the naked eye, there are “wounds” or “micro-traumas” that happen to the skin around the nail. These areas lend themselves to harmful bacteria and pathogens to enter the body.

I adhere to all state cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization regulations. This step in the manicure process is so important to me that I use an ultrasonic cleaning system. Ultrasonic cleaners are considered one of the most efficient and effective methods for deep cleaning and sterilizing manicure tools because they remove all the physical contamination along with bacteria and other microorganisms.

The system I use has 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic energy waves that create millions of microscopic cleansing bubbles to gently lift dirt and grime away. The implements are also fully submerged in hospital-grade disinfectant that’s been tested to kill 141 different organisms. It is EPA-registered and complies with OSHA’s Blood Borne Pathogen Standard as well as Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

If you have any additional question, please don’t ever hesitate to ask me. I want everyone to feel comfortable getting their nails done and confident they are in safe hands. pun intended. 😉